Tuesday, April 13, 2021

2021 Yacht Charters: Greece Opening Its Borders For Tourism On May 14th

Looking back a year ago no one expected a global pandemic to take over the world in 2020. However, normality is right around the corner, a year later and with vaccines rolling-out across the world, finally there is hope!


Greece has now announced that the country is opening its borders to vaccinated charterers and those with negative PCR tests from May 14th. Tourists that are vaccinated, have antibodies, or test negative, are welcome to travel to Greece. These statements come from the Greek Minister of Tourism, Mr. Harry Theoharis, adding that next in line for the vaccine will be hospitality and tourism workers.


These comments have had a positive effect, sky rocketing booking rates for hotels for the months of May and June. This announcement is great news for yacht lovers as they can book with confidence through Lobo Del Mar Yachting in addition to all contracts having clauses to protect your interests by allowing charterers to receive a full refund if they are unable to travel, or a reschedule without any hidden fees involved!


We are here not only to protect your interests, health and safety but to create memories for you.


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Andreas L Yacht


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