6 Days

New Providence - Paradise Island

New Providence Island, the most populous in the Bahamas, and explore the world of possibilities the Caribbean destination has to offer. Embark on your luxury charter yacht in the vibrant Nassau. Paradise Island is a must when you're in Nassau. The cosmopolitan capital and neighboring Paradise island lie in stark contrast to the peace and solitude of the Exumas. Island's main feature is Atlantis Resort, which leaves nothing to be desired. There are restaurants, a casino, shops, and pools on Atlantis’ beautifully manicured grounds. The Cloisters and Versailles Garden can also be found here on Paradise Island. Across the harbor on Paradise Island, you can browse through Atlantis' many high end boutique shops. Whether you spend your time swimming or shopping, gambling or star-gazing, you will end your vacation on a peaceful, yet exhilarating, note.

Paradise Island – Warderick Wells

Cruise towards Warderick wells Cay. Home to brilliant coral reefs and exotic marine life that are part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park a 35 mile long nature sanctuary with numerus cays, islets and unspoiled beaches. Explore the underwater world known as the undersea Garden of Eden.

Warderick Wells – Staniel Cay

Anchor off big Major’s spot for a morning of watersports before cruising down to Staniel Cay. Take the tender to Thunderball Grotto where the eponymous James Bond movie was filmed. If deep sea fishing captures your imagination, a trip can easily be arranged. The water off the east coasts of the island are a mecca for mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna and marlin. Those left behind can still enjoy the marine life from the more shallow waters, snorkeling among the dazzling plethora of colorful fish.

Staniel Cay – Compass Cay

A natural paradise, Compass Cay is made up of 450 acres with 15 beaches to explore, the most spectacular of which is the long Crescent Ocean Beach. Drop anchor and take the tender ashore, or the adventurous in the party can jump straight in and swim with nurse sharks.

Compass Cay – Shroud Cay

A deep, crystal clear lagoon on the northwest of Compass Cay, Rachel’s Bubble Bath is one of the finest swimming holes in the Caribbean. At mid to high tide, ocean waves splash into the pool creating white foam nature’s very own Jacuzzi. For more thrills, takes a jet ski ride to the mangrove-edged archipelago known as Shroud Cay Time it right to catch the high tide for the famous Mangrove Run.

Shroud Cay – Highbourne Cay

Spend the morning fishing off the east coast of Highbourne Cay, followed by an afternoon of diving and snorkeling. Directly odd Highbourne Cay is a drop off that faces the Exuma sound a vertical, (22m) coral wall that is populated by all manner of sea life. Jump in for a last swim in the blue Bahamas waters before returning to Nassau for disembarkation.