LDM acknowledges that the crew is the most important working part of a yacht. The crew is dedicated to providing the highest services so as to create the ultimate on board experience.

Our crew recruitment and administrative will make sure that the crew work and co-operate in an excellent way. Our extensive database of qualified crew enables us recruit the most professional experienced, reliable and motivated crew with an effort for a low turnover rate. We thoroughly check all applicants’ certifications and references before we conduct interviews and evaluations in order to find the best yacht team.

LDM supports any level, from captain to deckhand trying to find the client’s best interest. We search for the perfect crew and provide them with trust and support giving the best warranty that the yacht will operate to the highest possible standard.


LDM has a deep knowledge of both owners’ requirements and crew needs. We know the opportunities and how to look after each one of the crew.
Our crew experts will offer career advice, help with the resume and the interview process helping you find the right job.

Do you have any questions about vacancies? Which yachts are the best to work on and why?
Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting off your career, LDM team is here to provide advice and support. Ensuring pay levels are competitive, employment contracts are mutually fair and that safety is everyone’s priority.

LDM has the answers and opportunities for both owners and crew.

Lobo Del Mar Yachting already provides professional crew for its own fleet of yachts. We have the experience to know that a superb crew is the key to a successful yacht. Our crew placement team focuses on finding reliable, motivated candidates who have the right combination of experience, skills and personalities to ensure that the placement will work for the owner and crew alike. If you are new to the industry or if you are just looking for the next step to give your career some momentum, Lobo Del Mar Yachting is the right place. Our team will manage the crew selection process from beginning to end with integrity, transparency and efficiency.