Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Covid Free Yacht Vacations

It's simple, really. With the recent restrictions that we have all been part of, the need for wanting to get away is even bigger.
But that's not an issue that Lobo Del Mar Yachting cannot resolve. Charter a yacht of your choice with your family and/or friends and leave the safety part to us.


You can simply request that all crew members of your chosen yacht do a COVID test 3 days prior to embarkation. You can also travel through the islands of Greece without disembarking, thus avoiding contact with the coronavirus. The Captain can take you to private beaches, quiet hideaways far from society, where you can enjoy the sun, the sea and all watersports and services provided by the chosen yacht. You won’t need a mask or antiseptics and you can live life normally like it should be – FREE!

It goes without saying of course that you should have a COVID test yourself prior to embarkation, and then the living is easy. 

We are looking forward to providing you this freedom! Scan our website and we’ll be glad to hear from you soon!


Kind regards and stay safe,
Markellos Kallimasias
Founder of LDM Yachting