Windward Islands

8 Days

Barbados - St. Lucia

Begin your island-hopping holiday from the colourful town Bridgetown on the island of Barbados. Spend the day exploring the delightful colonial-style villages or indulging in brilliant spicy cuisine. The beaches here are first-class and sure to impress sun-worshippers, while the island’s British-influenced heritage is easily recognisable in such popular pursuits as cricket and high tea.

St. Lucia - St. Vincent

Spend a few nights ashore at the stunning sugar beach resort before embarking your luxury yacht st the Marigot bay resort & Marina. Cruise to St. Vincent in the grenadines for your first night anchor. The 150 square mile territory consist of the main island of St. Vincent and the 32 smaller islands of the grenadines. The island which has to date seen unlimited tourism development remains lush mountainous and agricultural.

St. Vincent - Bequia

From the peaceful anchorage of Cumberland Bay , St. Vincent, cruise south to the lush gren island of Bequia. Bequia Island, the second largest in this paradisiacal archipelago. Bequia has managed to preserve its ancestral practices for constructing boats and you can admire this craftsmanship in the naval shipyard. You can also watch how local fishermen throw harpoons with their bare hands (they are the last ones in the world to do so) or you can learn all about sea turtles at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. Admiralty Bay on the west coast has good places to anchor our boat charter although we can also moor in Port Elizabeth, the capital.

Bequia - Mustique

From stories of slaves to stories of multimillionaires. Mustique is a tiny island (6km by 2km) owned by the Mustique Company. They have two hotels and rent the 89 private villas that are constructed on the island. You can only reach the island by private plane or boat as there are no ferries. The luxury and isolation of this place have attracted a good number of celebrities such as Margarita of Windsor, Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Sailing boat charters and other boat charters can only anchor in Britannia Bay so that is where we will spend the night.

Mustique - Tobago Cays

If you’ve been dreaming of white sandy beaches and corral reefs ever since you saw the film Pirates of the Caribbean in the cinema, then this is without a doubt your dream place. A large number of scenes from the movie were filmed in the Tobago Cays, a group of five uninhabited cays with phenomenal lagoons filled with green turtles, corral reefs, colourful fish and crystalline waters. This is a scuba diver’s paradise! However, you don’t have to be an underwater diving expert to enjoy the marine life thanks to the Tobago Cays Marine Park where you can snorkel and swim with sea turtles. It’s impossible to remain indifferent to the pleasures of this marvellous natural park, a magnet for many yacht and boat charters that come and set anchor in the lagoon or along the northwestern coast of Petit Tabac.

Tobago cays - Petit St. Vincent

We’ve been discovering the Grenadines in a sailing boat or yacht for seven days and we still have more islands to explore such as Petit Saint Vicente (PSC as the locals call it). This island is private property and runs as a resort. As a resort island, the owners welcome superyacht guests to step ashore to enjoy its many amenities. That's why all along the coast you will easily find lounge chairs and hammocks like in the photo where you can relax and just let the hours go by.

Petit St. Vincent - Carriacou

Known as the Island of Reefs, its varied coastline of Carriacou islets that are perfect for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Step ashore to explore the French and English ruins of Belair National Park or visit the oyster beds around Tyrrel Bay.

Carriacou - Grenada

Grenada lies to the south of the Grenadines archipelago. Affectionately named the “Spice Island” as you draw near the fresh ocean breeze mingles with the aroma of spices carried on the trade winds. Thanks to its abundant production of spices at a time when they were a valuable commodity, Grenada has always been one of the more sophisticated Caribbean islands. Spend a few days ashore exploring the island’s verdant interior and stunning beaches.