Yacht Management

Supervision and good management is the key to a yachting experience without stress and worries. LDM offers a bespoke management service to yacht owners to ensure that they can relax and enjoy their asset.

There is a solution for every need from mini ISM to complete management, from project management to offshore payroll, all in a fixed monthly fee.

We guarantee quality of service, value for money, attention to detail and total satisfaction. Our Yacht Management team consists of experts, including ex-captains and engineers. Our clients trust us because we treat their yachts as if they were our own.

LDM believes in teamwork. All internal teams work together including sales, chartering, insurance, crew placement and agency services. This way we have a close insight into the overall operation of the yacht.

Our vision is to be among the top sources for yacht management services in the industry by offering 24/7 support to owners, captains and crew worldwide, in an efficient and transparent way.

LDM offers all yacht management services, from operational and technical to financial and crew management.



LDM offers assistance in routine as well as non-routine operations and voyage planning. A strong technical team is here to support the captain and engineer from response to a breakdown to managing refits and insurance claims24hours/365days a year.


LDM provides simple solutions and immediate response on all your compliance needs. We organize yacht certifications, we advise on policies, new methods and harmonize with supervisory boards for ISM/ISPS compliance, flag state, requirements etc.


LDM works closely with owners, captains and crew to ensure that the yacht operates at its full potential at all times. Our team offers support in :

  • financial management and budget forecasting
  • ISM/ISPS and mini-ISM compliance
  • crew management
  • class and flag compliance
  • insurance
  • technical management
  • operational management
  • quality assurance and crew training
  • project management for new builds and refits
  • yacht registration and VAT


LDM has a dedicated team specializing in yachting accounting to assist owners with accounts and budget, making things simpler. We establish and maintain accounts and then prepare and implement budgets. The progress is presented periodically to the owner or owner’s representative. We also provide the client with financial audits to explain actual expenditure against budgeting expenditures.

LDM can organize payments to suppliers and creditors, crew payroll and any other yacht expenses, on time and within budget. Our accounting team will organize all matters with tax authorities and aid to secure VAT-free procurements, where suitable. We also co-operate with trustworthy suppliers assuring access to the most competitive prices and quotes.


LDM crew displacement team helps you select and recruit the best possible candidates for a successful yacht.

They will also handle all aspects of offshore crew payroll and flag state approved crew employment contracts.


LDM has a team of professional experts to support all clients with this key service for all aspects of yacht ownership structure


We co-operate with yachting professionals such as lawyers, financial institutions and insurance experts. LDM team has all the right solutions based on experience and trust